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What a story! Thanks to all of you!!!

I felt the need to share this...however it’s a bit long so bear with me... In searching for how we were going to obtain the cookie containers we use for our annual holiday cookie packs, I was on SCJohnson’s website (makers of Ziploc brand, we have loved these containers in the past) and figured I would send a general email requesting a donation but of course thought, would it really get me anywhere. So on a whim I reached out to my sister in Colorado (she is in the food marketing business with Tyson). She previously spent many years in Florida in the industry and I figured she might just have a connection. I figured it was a long shot but never hurts to ask, right! This is where it gets crazy...she remembered a girl from years past that worked for SCJohnson and found an email for her. Rachiel at SCJohnson emailed right back that she remembered my sister and she was in fact the person over Ziploc for the Midwest yet she lives/works in Arkansas. A few details later on quantity and size and she had 10 cases (180 containers) shipped to me directly as a full donation!! But wait...Rachiel is originally from Michigan and her husband is a Mattawan graduate!!! I’m in awe how this all worked out...a somewhat random stranger gave an awesome donation to a wonderful program from her husband’s old school district! ❤️ A HUGE thank you to my sister, Jen for her connection and to Rachiel at SCJohnson for her generous donation to our program. Thank you, Kristi

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