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Mattawan Food Packs needs your help

Mattawan Food Packs is asking for your help in raising funds! Our goal is to raise $10,000 between now and April 1, 2018.

Major expenses throughout the year are:

Cost to purchase food for 170 students for one school year = $23,120

Cost of utilizing the portable building behind old Later Elementary = $1500

Cost to purchase insurance = $1500

Total expenses per school year: $26,120

You can support one child for the entire school year for $132.00 You can support one child for one month for $16.00 You can support one child for one week for $4.00

There are two ways to donate:

Mail your check to Mattawan Food Packs P. O. Box 155 Mattawan, MI 49071


Donate on line through PayPal by visiting

Please share this with friends, family, colleagues to help us meet our goal.

Maybe your employer matches your donations? Donation verifications will be mailed to you, including tax deductible donation receipts.

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